Breathing Life into Words

Hello! I'm Frau Amy Hallberg, Author from Minnesota, long-ago exchange student to West Germany, turned high school teacher. I share this surprisingly relevant story in my true-life novel, German Awakening: Tales from an American Life.

Now I'm a Book Whisperer & Master Certified Life Coach. And you know that Book inside you? The one you may never write, because REASONS? It matters.

Nobody tells your story like you. I'll shine a light.

German Awakening Readers' & Writers' Guide

Explore Amy's true-life novel. Foreword & 22 Questions.

Free: Frau Amy's Writing Toolkit Essentials

Items in my toolkit. Food for a writer's thoughts.

Free: Frau Amy's Famous Pink Sheet

German grammatical goodness. When former students contact me, they often request this sheet.

Free: Frau Amy's Green Sheet for Verbs

Enjoy a Grünblatt ("green sheet") on me: German past tense irregular verbs.