Free: Frau Amy's Famous Pink Sheet by Amy Hallberg

Free: Frau Amy's Famous Pink Sheet

German grammatical goodness.

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When former students contact me, they're often seeking the Rosablatt (or pink sheet.) That’s literally all it is. A pink sheet of German grammatical goodness.*

This grammar chart, along with step-by-step guiding questions, represents my best attempt to help you make sense of Jakob Grimm’s beautiful word ending system—declensions for articles, adjectives, and nouns—updated for this millenium and honed over seventeen years of teaching high school German. 

When former students return for worksheets, you know you have something good.

*Pink paper not included. You might also check out the green verb sheet.

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Hello! I'm Frau Amy Hallberg, Author from Minnesota, long-ago exchange student to West Germany, turned high school teacher. I share this surprisingly relevant story in my true-life novel, German Awakening: Tales from an American Life.

Now I'm a Book Whisperer & Master Certified Life Coach. And you know that Book inside you? The one you may never write, because REASONS? It matters.

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