Free: Frau Amy's Green Sheet for Verbs by Amy Hallberg

Free: Frau Amy's Green Sheet for Verbs

All the irregular German verbs you need.

Enjoy a Grünblatt on me.

The verb sheet students clamored for. (As much as students clamor for verb sheets.)

My Grünblatt* (yes, "green sheet") contains all the strong (read: irregular) German verbs you need to speak or write about things that have happened. Seriously. 

We have cried and pardoned and whistled and suffered and sang and succeeded and stank and enjoyed. And several more beautiful verbs for your reading enjoyment.

If you’re using a German verb not on this list, then you’re either a more advanced German speaker (congratulations), you’ve found a regular verb that works (congratulations), or you’re using an online translator.

Seriously, don’t do that. It’s not helping you like you think it is.

*You provide the green paper.

What's included?

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Hello! I'm Frau Amy Hallberg, Author from Minnesota, long-ago exchange student to West Germany, turned high school teacher. I share this surprisingly relevant story in my true-life novel, German Awakening: Tales from an American Life.

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